Shanghai Forum for Education
Excellence 2022 (SFEE 2022)



Prof. Chenghua Guan

Professor and Director, Research Center for Future Education, Beijing Normal University, China
Dean, China Institute of Innovation and Development (CIID)


Short Bio

Guan Chenghua is a professor and doctoral supervisor at Beijing Normal University, and a senior visiting scholar at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and Law School. He is currently Deputy Director of the School Council of Beijing Normal University, Director of the Institute of Innovation and Development, Director of the Innovation and Development Research Center (Zhuhai), Director of the Future Education Research Center of the Institute of Economics and Resource Management, Director of the Beijing Key Laboratory of Science and Technology Strategy Research for Urban Green Development, Director of the Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy, Director of the China Office of the Green Industry Platform of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, etc. His main research areas are innovation theory and policy, green economy, public governance and education innovation. His representative publications include "Innovative People in Cities: Human-Centered Considerations and International References", "China Green Development Index Report", "Green Competitiveness Index Report of Chinese Cities", "Economics of Green Development", "For the Smart Age: Education, Technology and Social Development", "Education for Sustainable Development: Theory, Practice and Evaluation", etc.